I'm a photographer based in the Metro Atlanta area.  
Are you looking for an event photographer?  I anticipate the moments you want to preserve, and capture the excitement and energy of your event.  My favorite thing about event photography is when my client sees their images and says, "You caught all of the most important moments!"
Are you considering having portraits done?  I understand how the camera can make people feel self-conscious.  "I'm not photogenic," "I'm not interesting," "I look terrible."  Well, I have news for you: you are, you are, and you don't.  And I'll bet that deep down, you already know that.  You're fun, you're fascinating, and all you need is the right light.  You know who you really are.  Let me help you show it off!
Oh, and my favorite thing about portrait photography is when I show a client a shot we just took and my client happily shouts, "WOW!"
Simply fill out the form below to inquire about rates and scheduling.  I'm looking forward to working with you!
Thank you!
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